Hey!   We thought it was time to share not just about ourselves but also our lifestyles, routines, and what we do in a day!  Hope you guys like it!

Eri’s Lifestyle:

In this picture my family came to visit me at college. Whenever they come up I get a break from the dorm, and stay with them at a hotel, this past time we stayed in the relaxing, Monte Carlo.

In my first semester of college I definitely went crazy with all the available pizza, pasta, and desserts. But I was also feeling sluggish and exhausted. This semester I have changed my eating habits. I now eat more wholesome nutritious foods. In this picture I had a salad, fruit, and some cookies (let’s be real cookies are awesome!).

At my university, we have a really nice gym, supplied with a ton of different equipment. This semester I have an actual workout routine. On Monday’s and Wednesday’s I go to the gym, and typically go on the elliptical, weights, and bike, in an hour. And on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I go to my workout class, called Body Weight Bootcamp. This class is a 1 credit class, and I enjoy it cause it forces my butt, to get up and be active at 8:30am.

Sky’s Lifestyle:


Hi loves!

So I commute to school, and that means traffic, bleh!  But seeing the (sorta) sunrise brightens my day! I love that this is my view almost every morning.

My Eats!

So guys, one thing that you should know about me is that I’m a very health conscious person. I like to give my body fuel to start the day. I know it sounds cliché especially in this day in age but I have come a long way in my “health” journey! I actually recently tried being Vegan. It didn’t workout to well because I realized I wouldn’t be able to eat my sushi, and this girl NEEDS her sushi! So then I was “pescetarian vegan” but then that didn’t workout so now I am slowly adding dairy, eggs, and meat back into my diet.

Knowing that I have started my day with something good makes me feel like I can concur anything. Here are some of my go to morning favorites.

Breakfast 1: Sautéed sweet potato salad with an over easy egg.

I took one sweet potato and sautéed them with spices, and put them over a bed of arugula. Then made an over easy egg and placed that on top with some pepper, salt, cayenne, and curry powder (cause I like my spice! :p)

This was a really filling and simple breakfast before my class.

Breakfast 2: Egg sandwich with hummus, and arugula.

This was also super simple and easy to construct!

First I toasted my bread and spread some hummus on it. Then I fried my egg and made it over medium so I wouldn’t get the bread to soggy. Then sprinkled some arugula and this homemade salsa from a local Farmer’s Market and closed it up!

I love sandwiches because honestly, I LOVE CARBS! ❤  Let’s be real, if I could eat carbs, and sugar (i.e. chocolate), that would be my life.

So just another quick idea for a savory breakfast because we all have those days when we feel like something savory or sweet 🙂



So like I said, I am health conscious and along with eating healthy, I also love to workout!

Okay, “love” is sort of strong.  I mean yes, work outing is a great outlet for stress and especially with school it is a little bit of “me” time:)

But, I do have those days where I just cannot get in the mood.  When that happens, and I know that I should be working out, I got to Instagram and look at accounts to get inspiration and then I think yep, it’s my time!

On my cardio days or “off” days, I love to go to Soul Cycle!  Ahhh, if any of you guys have tried this you know that it is amazing!  It’s like dancing and having a party on a freaking bike!  Who wouldn’t want that as a workout??  I kid you not, it helps and makes you feel so great!

On days when I can’t make it to a class, I do at home workouts.  My favorites are the Bikini Body Workout guides by Kayla Itsines.  This girl has changed my life!  I don’t like to workout for long so these workouts are what I do 3 times a week because they are only 28 minutes AND you can do them in the comfort of your own home:)



So that’s it babes!  We hope that you enjoyed this post!

Can’t wait to continue this journey and if you guys have any questions or anything make sure to comment!

Hope you guys have a great rest of your weekend and a great week!


Eri & Sky


Valentine’s Day! Hooray!


Hey babes!

So we all know what day it is!  It’s Valentine’s Day!

Whether you have that special someone, or are flying solo, this day is to celebrate the love that you have for yourself and for the people surrounding you.

We know this day can be over exaggerated, over thought, overwhelming, and let’s face it, V-day can make you feel lonely, but only if you let it.  Valentine’s Day does not have to be a day that everyone is dreading.  Boys do not have to be the center of the madness.  Love is the name of the day, and that love can come from anyone and anywhere.  So don’t let that heartbreaking love get in your way!

These are our MUST HAVES for this day:

  1. LOADS of chocolate
  2. Spa essentials (i.e. at home face mask, getting your nails done, or splurging on yourself for a full on day at the spa)
  3. Action movies
  4. Fashion Magazines
  5. Comedy films
  6. A little retail therapy
  7. Rom-com’s
  8. Novels
  9. And the magic of your best girlfriends around to talk and explore (even if they are in a different state!)

For me I love this day!  Whether I have a man or not, this has always been my favorite day of the year.  What can I say I am a hopeless romantic and would not change that for anything.  I love, love!  My little cousin said it best “you have love from your friends, your family, your dog, your cat, you can even feel the love by a random stranger saying hi.”  I always take my eight year old cousin’s advice, they are very wise.  So there you have it.  This day is what YOU make it, and if I were you I would make it lovely and happy.  Even if that means eating boxes and boxes of chocolates and skipping your daily workout!

xoxo Sky

Well for me I liked this day since elementary school days when you would make your own box or bag and buy your valentines to give to your classmates.  I loved attaching the candies and getting ready to pass them to everyone.  Then it stopped in high school.  You know when everyone was getting REAL Valentine’s.  I was like “crap!  where is my man?”  Although I will say Sky always made sure that she gave me a little gift because she is so crazily in love with this day.  Weirdo.  Just Kidding!  But in my recent time I have come to realize that it is not about whether or not you have a boyfriend it is about self-love.

xoxo Eri

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Hope you had a great day and many more love filled to come!


Eri and Sky


Eri & Sky

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Eri and Sky back again!

In this post we’d like to introduce ourselves, so we can get acquainted. Here’s a little background story about us…

It all started the summer before our freshman year of high school, when we  unfortunately had to go to summer school, yuck! We didn’t really talk till the year actually started, but when mutual friends brought us together we instantly cliqued. After a year of bonding on the soccer team, we began to realize that our future plans looked the same. We both wanted to be in the Fashion Industry.

I remember when Eri first showed me her sketches. It was a long time ago, but I still remember what it looked like. It was a light pink blouse, and a black belt paired with a red skirt, fabulous!

And I remember when Sky was working backstage at the TeenVogue O’Neill fashion show, and invited me to come along. It was my first fashion show, so you could probably already guess I was more than excited. I even remember one of the songs the models walked to, Ellie Gouldings “Anything Can Happen.”

Let’s just say these are some memories we will never forget.

Fast forward four years and here we are, in our freshman year of college, both going to schools in different states, but that has yet to keep us from living out our dream. We’ve created this blog as an outlet for our creativity, personalities and our love for fashion. We’ve come together to form Chinelo & Kai.


Eri and Sky

Revolutionary Icons

(SALEK, YASI, and VICTOR DEMARCHELIER. HAYA AND SAMA ABU KHADRA. Digital image. Interview. N.p., 13 Aug. 2012. Web. 7 Feb. 2016. <;. )

Haya and Sama Abu Khadra are twin sisters that are revolutionizing fashion.  From going to Fashion Week since the age of just 14 years old to hanging out with some of the most accomplished celebs out there, these girls are making their mark in the fashion industry, effortlessly.  We can’t get enough of them!

With their gorgeous looks, unique-creative style and their background of international fashion, expect to be hearing a lot of buzz about this duo.

We decided to make our first post about these two because we feel that they inspire  others to step out of the box, and have fun with clothes.

We want you guys to read our blog and be inspired, so why not start off with two inspiring women?  Sky and I are in love with new fashion and different ways to express ourselves through clothes.  We hope that you read our blog and will want to follow along on this adventure that has been our dream for a while now.

Hope to see you guys on our next post!


Eri and Sky