Hey!   We thought it was time to share not just about ourselves but also our lifestyles, routines, and what we do in a day!  Hope you guys like it!

Eri’s Lifestyle:

In this picture my family came to visit me at college. Whenever they come up I get a break from the dorm, and stay with them at a hotel, this past time we stayed in the relaxing, Monte Carlo.

In my first semester of college I definitely went crazy with all the available pizza, pasta, and desserts. But I was also feeling sluggish and exhausted. This semester I have changed my eating habits. I now eat more wholesome nutritious foods. In this picture I had a salad, fruit, and some cookies (let’s be real cookies are awesome!).

At my university, we have a really nice gym, supplied with a ton of different equipment. This semester I have an actual workout routine. On Monday’s and Wednesday’s I go to the gym, and typically go on the elliptical, weights, and bike, in an hour. And on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I go to my workout class, called Body Weight Bootcamp. This class is a 1 credit class, and I enjoy it cause it forces my butt, to get up and be active at 8:30am.

Sky’s Lifestyle:


Hi loves!

So I commute to school, and that means traffic, bleh!  But seeing the (sorta) sunrise brightens my day! I love that this is my view almost every morning.

My Eats!

So guys, one thing that you should know about me is that I’m a very health conscious person. I like to give my body fuel to start the day. I know it sounds cliché especially in this day in age but I have come a long way in my “health” journey! I actually recently tried being Vegan. It didn’t workout to well because I realized I wouldn’t be able to eat my sushi, and this girl NEEDS her sushi! So then I was “pescetarian vegan” but then that didn’t workout so now I am slowly adding dairy, eggs, and meat back into my diet.

Knowing that I have started my day with something good makes me feel like I can concur anything. Here are some of my go to morning favorites.

Breakfast 1: Sautéed sweet potato salad with an over easy egg.

I took one sweet potato and sautéed them with spices, and put them over a bed of arugula. Then made an over easy egg and placed that on top with some pepper, salt, cayenne, and curry powder (cause I like my spice! :p)

This was a really filling and simple breakfast before my class.

Breakfast 2: Egg sandwich with hummus, and arugula.

This was also super simple and easy to construct!

First I toasted my bread and spread some hummus on it. Then I fried my egg and made it over medium so I wouldn’t get the bread to soggy. Then sprinkled some arugula and this homemade salsa from a local Farmer’s Market and closed it up!

I love sandwiches because honestly, I LOVE CARBS! ❤  Let’s be real, if I could eat carbs, and sugar (i.e. chocolate), that would be my life.

So just another quick idea for a savory breakfast because we all have those days when we feel like something savory or sweet 🙂



So like I said, I am health conscious and along with eating healthy, I also love to workout!

Okay, “love” is sort of strong.  I mean yes, work outing is a great outlet for stress and especially with school it is a little bit of “me” time:)

But, I do have those days where I just cannot get in the mood.  When that happens, and I know that I should be working out, I got to Instagram and look at accounts to get inspiration and then I think yep, it’s my time!

On my cardio days or “off” days, I love to go to Soul Cycle!  Ahhh, if any of you guys have tried this you know that it is amazing!  It’s like dancing and having a party on a freaking bike!  Who wouldn’t want that as a workout??  I kid you not, it helps and makes you feel so great!

On days when I can’t make it to a class, I do at home workouts.  My favorites are the Bikini Body Workout guides by Kayla Itsines.  This girl has changed my life!  I don’t like to workout for long so these workouts are what I do 3 times a week because they are only 28 minutes AND you can do them in the comfort of your own home:)



So that’s it babes!  We hope that you enjoyed this post!

Can’t wait to continue this journey and if you guys have any questions or anything make sure to comment!

Hope you guys have a great rest of your weekend and a great week!


Eri & Sky


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