Hmm, What Do I Wear to a Concert? 

     Hey babes!

Finding something to wear at a concert can be pretty challenging; you could go dressy, casual, or full fledged, with DIY concert themed outfits. But this concert around, we chose comfortable and chic.

We went to Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour, and with all of the madness that happens at a Justin Bieber concert, you need to be able to move swiftly haha, no joke!

Fashion tips & general tips to keep in mind before going to a concert:

  1. Make sure your feet are somewhat comfortable! (We know, heels are to die for, but you’ll be standing, and dancing for a while). Trendy sneakers, or booties would be great! Fashionable, yet comfy:)
  2. Don’t wear too many layers. Things can get hot in the arena/venue, with all the dancing, and body heat. Wear something to keep you cool, and if you get cold bring a sweater, or jacket, to throw on top.
  3. Bring a small purse (cross body), or a small wallet to hold your necessities. You want to be able to move as freely as possible, with no extra bulk and weight to your arms.
  4. Make sure that you are fully charged (i.e. your phone, and yourself).  You could invest in a portable charging case and or a portable charger.  (You can find these at Urban Outfitters or even a local drugstore.)
  5. HAVE FUN!!  Make the most of your night and maybe even try not to capture everything on your phones, or electronic devices, and really enjoy being in the moment.  This is something Eri and I have learned over the years.  And I can honestly say that this time around, it made the concert way better 🙂

Before the show, we stopped  by a couple of stores on the way, specifically Urban Outfitters we can’t get enough of this store! Look at all these perfumes, so hard to choose!:)


Flaunt that fur Sky!! (Our friends Chloe and Alysa hopped in the picture!:) hahah.


Sky’s Outfit Details ~ 

  1. Top: Calvin Klein
  2. Vest: Ralph Lauren
  3. Bottoms: Topshop
  4. Shoes: Stan Smith’s
  5. Purse: Mini Long Champ



Eri’s Outfit Details ~

  1. Top: Urban Outfitters
  2. Jeans: Savers Thrift Store
  3. Shoes: Nike  Outlet
  4. Purse: Walmart

Show Time!!!








Eri & Sky


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