Valentine’s Day! Hooray!


Hey babes!

So we all know what day it is!  It’s Valentine’s Day!

Whether you have that special someone, or are flying solo, this day is to celebrate the love that you have for yourself and for the people surrounding you.

We know this day can be over exaggerated, over thought, overwhelming, and let’s face it, V-day can make you feel lonely, but only if you let it.  Valentine’s Day does not have to be a day that everyone is dreading.  Boys do not have to be the center of the madness.  Love is the name of the day, and that love can come from anyone and anywhere.  So don’t let that heartbreaking love get in your way!

These are our MUST HAVES for this day:

  1. LOADS of chocolate
  2. Spa essentials (i.e. at home face mask, getting your nails done, or splurging on yourself for a full on day at the spa)
  3. Action movies
  4. Fashion Magazines
  5. Comedy films
  6. A little retail therapy
  7. Rom-com’s
  8. Novels
  9. And the magic of your best girlfriends around to talk and explore (even if they are in a different state!)

For me I love this day!  Whether I have a man or not, this has always been my favorite day of the year.  What can I say I am a hopeless romantic and would not change that for anything.  I love, love!  My little cousin said it best “you have love from your friends, your family, your dog, your cat, you can even feel the love by a random stranger saying hi.”  I always take my eight year old cousin’s advice, they are very wise.  So there you have it.  This day is what YOU make it, and if I were you I would make it lovely and happy.  Even if that means eating boxes and boxes of chocolates and skipping your daily workout!

xoxo Sky

Well for me I liked this day since elementary school days when you would make your own box or bag and buy your valentines to give to your classmates.  I loved attaching the candies and getting ready to pass them to everyone.  Then it stopped in high school.  You know when everyone was getting REAL Valentine’s.  I was like “crap!  where is my man?”  Although I will say Sky always made sure that she gave me a little gift because she is so crazily in love with this day.  Weirdo.  Just Kidding!  But in my recent time I have come to realize that it is not about whether or not you have a boyfriend it is about self-love.

xoxo Eri

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Hope you had a great day and many more love filled to come!


Eri and Sky